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Human Relations Committee

Meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month at 6:00 p.m. All terms are for three years.

Adopt a Neighbor Program

Name Term Expires
Carol Lida, Chair 12/31/21
Christine Gregory 12/31/21
Festus Olayinka 12/31/23
Paul Jensen, School Board Liaison 12/31/23
Rev. Dirk Reinken 12/31/22
Claire Morales 12/31/22
Walter D. Greason PhD 12/31/22
Jonathan Elsensohn 12/31/21
Ronald Sparks 12/31/22
Jennifer Conger 12/31/23
Eduardo Santana 12/31/21
Carrie Conger 12/31/23
Faith Edwards 12/31/23
Police Chief Craig Dispenza  
Adam Reich, Council Liaison 2021

Agendas & Minutes


Human Relations Committee Statement