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Fire Departments

Instructions for Membership

  1. Complete and return the following to the Borough Clerk:
    1. Notarized Application (please indicate in the top left corner which company you are applying to)
    2. Copy of Birth Certificate
    3. New Jersey Driving Abstract (may be obtained at the DMV in Eatontown)
    4. Recommendations by two (2) Borough residents who own real property and reside in the Borough.
    5. A set of applicant’s fingerprints. You must contact the Freehold Borough Police Department at 732-462-1233 to make an appointment.
  2. Completed application will be forwarded to the appropriate fire company for their review and acceptance.
  3. After fire company approval the application is placed on a council meeting agenda for the Mayor and Council to approve.
  4. After approved by Mayor and Council the Borough Clerk will notify you by mail.
  5. Upon notification of your approval in the fire department you must contact the Borough Clerk at 732-462-1259 to schedule your required physical examination. Please be sure to pick up the necessary physical examination form to be completed by the physician after your examination and the proper insurance form to be completed by you.
  6. After your physical examination, please complete the portion of the form for the NJ State Fireman’s Association and have it notarized.
  7. Return completed examination form to the Office of the Borough Clerk.
  8. The Borough Clerk will then forward all paperwork to the appropriate fire company for notification to the NJ Fireman’s Association and applicable entities.