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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


Did you know?

Shade trees in the Borough which are planted between the sidewalk and the curb are the property of the Borough. If one of the trees are in need of attention, please notify Borough Hall at 732 462-4200. The Borough will examine the tree and determine what action should be taken. Residents are reminded not to do any work on Borough trees on their own.

If you live in Freehold Borough, own your home and your total household income falls below the income limits, you may be eligible to participate in the Program. Up to $17,000 is available to eligible homeowners for approved repairs.

Residents are urged to report quality of life complaints (loitering, public urination, overcrowding, loud noise, illegal parking, etc.) to a special hotline number – 732 462-5812. Callers may remain anonymous if they wish.

The Borough has installed a special hotline number to provide residents with up-to-date information re. recreation activities, holiday events, meeting schedules, etc. The number is 732 462-3808.

Residents should contact the Borough at 732 462-1410 before contacting a plumber in order to determine who is responsible to make the repairs. Borough personnel are available to respond to water/sewer emergencies at any time day or night. After regular business hours, please call the Police Department at 732 462-1234, and they will notify Water/Sewer personnel.
Owners of swimming pools should notify the Water/Sewer Dept. before filling their poo1s. The meter will be read before and after the pool is filled, and in this way a credit may be issued for the water which did not enter into the sewer system. No sewer credits will be issued unless the meter is read.

Free recycling buckets are available for Borough residents.  Please call 732 462-4200 to arrange to  have the buckets delivered to your home.

Residents wishing to dispose of an old appliance should contact the Administrator’s office at 732 462- 4200 to arrange for pickup. The pickup fee is $35.00 for appliances such as a washer or dryer, that do not contain FREON. The fee is $70.00 for appliances which do contain FREON, such as a Refrigerator, Freezer, or Air Conditioner. Microwave ovens and dehumidifiers may be placed at the curb for collection during the second garbage collection of the week. There is no charge for these items.

All Borough senior citizens are invited to attend monthly meetings on the third Tuesday of the month at  10:00 a.m. at various locations.. Please call 732 462-4200 for more information.

Borough of Freehold Summer Recreation Program...Coming soon!!

Call the health dept. at 732 462 7057 for details.

Garage sale permits may be obtained from the Borough Clerk’s office at 51 W. Main St., tel. 732 462-1259. The fee is $5.00 per day of the sale.

All commuter and business parking permits in the Borough expired on December 31st. Renewal applications are available at Borough Hall. The fee for a commuter permit for Borough residents is $120.00 per year and $240.00 for non-Borough residents.  Business permits are $72.00 per year, and a one day parking pass is $5.00.   Call the Finance Office at 732 462-1410 for more information.

Residents are reminded that building permits are required for any new construction (garages, sheds, inground and aboveground swimming pools, decks, porches, etc) Permits are also required for alterations to a building, siding, roof repairs, fences, demolition work. Plumbing permits are required for relocating fixtures, sinks, toilets; new piping, installation or replacement of water heaters and furnaces; central air conditioning, bathtubs and showers, gas piping and gas service entrances.

For more detailed information, please contact the Code Enforcement office at 732 462-4903.