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Office of Emergency Management

Coordinator Hank Stryker

The Freehold Borough Office of Emergency Managements mission is to save lives and protect the property of our residents. The Borough of Freehold is prepared for any type of natural disaster whether it is a hurricane, tornado or flooding or any type of technological disaster. Our Emergency Management plan coordinates the response of all Federal, State, County and Other Municipalities in the event of a natural or man-made event. This office will coordinate the response of all Police, Fire, Emergency Medical Services, Hazardous material response teams or any other agency that is needed to assist us in a time of crisis.

Important Phone Numbers
Police: 732-462-1234
Fire: 9-1-1
EMS: 9-1-1

Emergency Operations Center: 732-431-2450

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Important Websites

Department of Homeland Security
New Jersey State Police
Be Ready
National Hurricane Center