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Zoning Department Information

The Zoning Officer is responsible for the enforcement of the Borough’s zoning ordinances (Chapter 18) as adopted by the Mayor and Council. The zoning officer reviews all zoning applications for all proposed uses, construction or alterations to a structure or property to ensure compliance with the zoning ordinance prior to permits issued by the Construction Department. The zoning officer also investigates complaints of noncompliance with the zoning ordinance for all properties located within the Borough.

Zoning applications are required for all new construction, additions or alterations to structures located in the Borough; improvements that increase lot coverage such as driveways, walkways and patios; and new, altered or relocated accessory structures, such as sheds, garages, decks, pools, signs and fences.

Zoning compliance determinations are based on the permitted use and accessory use of the property, building or space; lot coverage and bulk requirements as designated in the zoning schedule of the zoning ordinance.

Inquiries on the Borough’s zoning ordinance or zoning applications may be made by contacting the Zoning Officer. All forms and ordinances can be found on the Borough’s website at


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